Balance is the Key to Everything

Come As Strangers Leave As Friends and Come Back As Regulars

SiriShakti (Mariette) A Magical Soul that Balances Material and Spiritual World Beautifully. Through Balance i have learnt to be more in the Moment and Breath in life Fully. A Business Woman As well as a Kundalini Practitioner / Teacher, Fire Walking Instructor Teaching one to Conquer There Limited Believe Patterns. Certified Tantric Numerologist and Spontaneous Healing Through Channeling.


Verushka is a Magical Being, Trusting in Source to Guide and Uplift Oneself. I share Tools on how to  Think Out of the Box when Approaching Spirituality and Self Healing. With 13 years experience in the Esoteric Industry and a Vast Knowledge of the Crystal Kingdom and how we can use there Healing Energy to help and Guide every day Life. Through My Spontaneous Inter action I guide and Show you how a Complex issue can be Solved in a Simple and Joyful way.

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