7 Seven Chakra Crystal Kit


In the human body, seven chakras are considered wheels of energy which gives energy to us. If these chakras are balanced and nurtured, the body feels full of energy, centered and grounded. These chakras make our body clean and they are extremely good for our health and well being. To balance these 7 chakras in the body, one can use the power of 7 chakra stones.



Pack Includes :

Red Jasper : Base : Nurturing, Supportive, Grounding.

Carnelian : Sacral : Creativity, Fun, Letting go letting God, Inspiration, Confidence and excellent for the raising sexual energy.

Citrine :Solar Plexus :Taking ones Power back, Balancing emotions and Manifestation

Rose Quartz : Heart :Self Love, Comfort, Compassion for self and Emotional Ba-lancer

Green Aventurine :Heart :Complimentary to the Rose Quartz. Heals the holes in ones Auric field

Turquenite : Throat : Speaking ones Truth, Calming an overactive mind.

Amethyst : Third Eye : Intuitive, Clarity of mind, Protects from psychic attack

Quartz : Crown :Amplification of ones energy and crystals, Physical and emotional stability.